PPPA is a non profit, non-governmental organisation focus on the photography skills, to develop training oppoturnity to young photographer

Our Mission

Organizing PhotoPhnomPenh festival every year in Cambodia, giving access to contemporary creation in the field of image and photography, through free exhibitions in urban public spaces, developing training opportunities in the field of image and photography (workshop, cultural mediation) , promoting and supporting young Cambodian artists in the field of image and photography.



What We Do

Showing works at Koh Pich, in the public space, at the symbolic place of the new Phnom Penh where today’s youth finds it’s area is also a manner of insisting in the fact that we want to share, to permit discovery, to provoke and encourage discussions.

For everyone.Photo Phnom Penh is back, the same in a certain way because of it’s basis and convictions,and always different because the artists of the program are never the same and each of them proposes new things, new discoveries.