The “Back to Light” series is based on a classic exercise in science classes at school: the potato battery. By inserting a galvanized nail on one side of a potato and a copper wire on the other side a small electric current is generated. The same experiments can be done with fruits. This work demonstrates our curiosity about how the world works and a concern for the future of terrestrial energy sources. Simple, referring to childhood memories but at the same time very learned in their use of light these images are both poetic and a deep
reflection on the stakes of energies for the future.
Born in 1980, Caleb Charland was grown up in rural Maine. Helping his father remodel their family home instilled an awareness of the potential of materials to fabricate his visions. Charland earned a BFA in photography from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design and an MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Exhibited internationally his work is included in major collections. He is one of the contemporary artists dealing with the relationship between Art and Science.

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