For several years the photographer looked at animals, wild animals including some species which will probably survive only in zoos in the future.
He focuses, with delicate colors, on their beauty, strange sometimes, on their positions, gestures and expressions. He looks at them and, at the same time, the animals look at him,and at us.
In their cells, which clumsily attempt to reproduce nature with painted landscapes, they appear as figures of narratives and tales, “characters” for children’s books.
This poetic vision of unfamiliar animals is also a way of asking ourselves about us, about our future, about our differences.
Eric Pillot, born in 1968, discovered photography later in life, after finishing his scientific studies and working several years as an engineer. He started photographing the animal by chance, by finding some polar bears swimming under water in a glass tank of a zoo. He
then became interested in the staging of wild animals and the architecture of zoos, which he saw as cultural constructions. He won the HSBC Photography Prize in 2012 and the Prix de Photographic Marc Ladreit de Lacharrière - Académie des beaux-arts in 2015.

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