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Phnom Penh was a horizontal city, with low buildings. Its recent development has made grow and grow every day more new vertical structures that change its appearance, its identity, its perception. Yet it is difficult, even if we perceive the changes, to have an idea of what the current Phnom Penh looks like. By using…
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SANCTIFIED CLOUDS Linh Phuong Nguyen’s multidisciplinary practice spans installation, sculpture and video. Linh concerns about geographic cultural shift, traditional roots and fragmented history in Vietnam. Her works contemplate upon the visible/invisible truth, form and time. For “Sanctified Clouds” Linh Phuong Nguyen constructed a rhythmical blue motif of artificial clouds inspired by Baroque paintings. The bombing…
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BACK TO LIGHT The “Back to Light” series is based on a classic exercise in science classes at school: the potato battery. By inserting a galvanized nail on one side of a potato and a copper wire on the other side a small electric current is generated. The same experiments can be done with fruits.…
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