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BACK TO LIGHT The “Back to Light” series is based on a classic exercise in science classes at school: the potato battery. By inserting a galvanized nail on one side of a potato and a copper wire on the other side a small electric current is generated. The same experiments can be done with fruits.…
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To enlarge road No. 21 which goes from the city of Takhmao to Koh Thum in Kandal Province, the houses which were on the side have been simply cut. By asking the inhabitants to pose in their homes partially destroyed in front of fabrics or blankets found on the spot the photographer introduces a strange…
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TRACES She is doing projects about memory and its mechanisms. She is interested in the scientific and pseudoscientific theories, mnemonics and various disorders concerning it. Her main field of activity is photography, but she also creates objects and artifacts, often in collaboration with craftsmen and sometimes with other artists. An important part of her art…
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